About Managed Services

Considering that as much as 80 percent of the typical IT budget is dedicated to simply "keeping the lights on," it's no mystery that ongoing technology management equates to one of the largest expenses any company can incur throughout it's lifetime. When coupled with often unpredictable shifts in technologies or business requirements, this can also create barriers to accurate budgeting and growth planning.

These challenges created the need for better IT management tools and best practices, so that IT service providers could help organizations combat unpredictability and scalability with consistent service delivery, budget planning and improved operational performance.

Managed services was the answer.

Technologent's Managed IT Services

Our managed services offerings comprise a robust portfolio of IT infrastructure capabilities that enhance the business value of your IT investments through improved efficiency, performance and service levels. We'll help you reduce the cost and complexity of your environment. Our certified staff has the proven ability to manage complex, heterogeneous environments, freeing your IT team to focus on your core business and key initiatives.

We will work with you to tailor a solution that exactly fits your needs and budget, and adapt the solution as your business requirements change. You gain the exact mix of services you need to meet day-to-day operational requirements — without ever losing control of your IT environment.

Benefits of Technologent's Managed Services:

  • Alignment of IT with business strategy
  • Change management using best-in-class methodologies
  • Improved service levels, availability and security
  • Reduced costs and complexity

Our selective IT outsourcing model gives you flexibility and choice. We can augment your staff with experienced, onsite experts for short- or long-term engagements, or provide the expertise needed to fill skills gaps and resolve support challenges. Unlike traditional outsourcing arrangements, we conduct knowledge transfers and provide an open view of the activities we conduct on your behalf.

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