Network Assessment Services

    Many in-house IT departments are simply too close to their IT environments to identify chokepoints and other problem areas.

    Technologent’s network assessment services begin with an objective evaluation of your current infrastructure and result in specific recommendations that can help you increase service levels and boost your bottom line. The length and scope of each assessment depends upon the client’s environment and specific needs.

    Overview of Our Network Assessment Process:

    1. We start by gaining a thorough understanding of your business issues and challenges related to technology.
    2. Best practices are discussed, followed by strategies for incorporating new solutions into legacy environments.
    3. The session wraps up with an overview of the latest technology and IT industry trends.
    4. Next, depending on the needs identified, a more in-depth workshop is scheduled. This session features a deeper, quantitative analysis of your technical capabilities, processes and infrastructure management, with the goal of devising a plan of action to improve reliability, utilization and performance. Recommendations take into consideration potential cost and other advantages of technology upgrades and migrations.
    5. After this thorough, impartial review of your environment, we use our four-step methodology to architect a new solution to address your needs.
    By applying the best practices we have developed through extensive client engagements, we can help you maximize performance, increase security, minimize risks, ensure regulatory compliance and improve your ability to compete — all while saving you time and money.

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