Why Use Converged Infrastructure?

    Traditional data center architectures were designed to address predictable workloads, structured data and dedicated access. However, now requirements have become exactly opposite, with unpredictable workloads such as cloud, virtualization and big data applications.

    Converged infrastructure is the ideal solution to meeting these new requirements, acting as pre-built and pre-configured systems that can be up and running in hours or days — not weeks or months. Its single-pane-of-glass management cuts across the technology stack making the addition of services and applications faster and easier than ever before.

    Your Converged Infrastructure Experts

    Technologent is proficient with the market’s leading converged infrastructure solutions, which combine siloed technologies such as compute, storage, networking and management into a single integrated platform that delivers immediate data center optimization.

    We also work closely with strategic partners to enable hyper-convergence, which applies principles of the software-defined infrastructure to converged platforms. In this way, compute, storage and networking resources are pooled in a single appliance and controlled by software.

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