Cybersecurity: More than Just a Tool


    Security is critical element of network performance, not just data integrity. Malicious attacks can cause downtime and data loss and sap productivity. A security breach can also tarnish an organization’s reputation, particularly in industries with regulatory mandates for data security and privacy. Yet security has become increasingly complex with dissolving network boundaries and the explosion of mobile devices.

    Technologent Ransomware Rapid Response

    • Year-to-date: 8 Security Incident Response Engagements
    • Containment, Eradication, Digital Evidence Gathering, and Forensic
    • Recovery and Infrastructure Remediation
    • Building Security Program
    • Working with LEA (Law Enforcement Agencies) for trends and helping our customers refine their threat hunting activities (i.e., new Maze variant, RYUK, Trickbot, Cobalt Strike fileless attacks, etc.)

    Additional Benefits

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