The Challenges of Traditional Enterprise Monitoring & IT Operations

    IT operational processes have traditionally focused on monitoring systems and responding to events and alerts. However, monitoring tools generate thousands of notifications each day, which are often ignored because a majority of these teams lack the time and resources to sift through these notifications and determine which ones require attention. These issues are compounded by the complexity of modern data centers in which compute, network operations and storage are often fragmented into separate silos.

    This results in disparate intelligence and data that makes actionable resolution strategies nearly impossible.

    A Smarter Approach with Algorithmic IT Operations (AIOps)

    AIOps goes beyond traditional IT operations management by utilizing artificial intelligence and machine learning to automate tasks and processes that have traditionally required human intervention - detecting issues in seconds and resolving them in minutes. By integrating security information, event management and business analytics, it uses sophisticated algorithms to analyze historical and real-time data from a variety of sources in order to support more-informed decision-making and provide continuous insight into the performance of business services. This ultimately drives down operational costs while increasing user satisfaction.

    Gartner estimates that about half of all global enterprises will be actively using AIOps by 2020, compared to less than 10% today.

    Our Continuous Intelligence Enterprise Monitoring Solutions

    We've developed our Continuous Intelligence Enterprise Monitoring (CIEM) solutions to help organizations take advantage of the AIOps strategy, effectively laying the foundation for AIOps platform adoption. CIEM builds upon our experience in application development and performance monitoring, enhanced with big data and next-gen algorithmic technologies.

    Our team of experts can help you assess your environment and implement strategic enterprise monitoring tools that will provide continuous insight into the performance of your most critical services.

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