Mainframe is NOT Dead!

transactions480% of the Worlds Critical workloads still run on a Mainframe!

The Mainframe isn’t what it used to be! It is alive and thriving. In fact, 80% of the world's mission critical workloads currently run on Mainframe technology. IBM has also recently announced a revitalization of the platform with new Hardware, Software, Operating Systems and Private Cloud solutions.

At Technologent, we partner with world leaders in Mainframe storage to deliver, implement, consult and modernize your Mainframe platforms and as well as your Tape/DASD/VTL/Outsourcing/Disaster Recovery solutions. With our premier partnerships and staff, Technologent has 200+ years of combined experience in the Mainframe space and is ready to engage in any conversation about your company's Mainframe initiatives.

Interacting with Mainframes Every Day

Source: IBM z systems Marketing, 2018, with permission)
60X more MF transactions/sec vs. popular internet activities combined

Have you recently:

  • Used an ATM card or credit card?
  • Booked a hotel or flight?
  • Traded a stock?
  • Filed a tax return?
  • Renewed your car registration?
  • Visited a large hospital?

There are hundreds of mainframe clients worldwide, which represent tens of thousands of MIPS and multiple mainframes within the IT industry. In addition, not all businesses are necessarily concerned with moving to or from a public cloud. Many are still in various phases of organizational transition, and may be more focused on other types of storage, including: Private Cloud, On/Off Prem, Deep Archive ECS Appliance.

For many of these organizations or specific departments, this is the perfect timing for Technologent Mainframe Services! Mainframe-centric specialists are moving on and/or being outsourced with no backfill. Let our integrative solutions fill-in the gaps and smoothen your business' overall management and growth strategies.

Our Mainframe Team of experts can help you answer the following questions and more:

  • What Challenges are you having with your Mainframe Environment?
  • Who do you use for your Tier1/2 Storage, DASD/Tape/VTL?
  • Is there talk of getting off of the Mainframe?
  • Want to save money on your DR solution?
  • Would you be interested in consolidated platform?

What Makes Technologent's Mainframe Program Different?

[fa icon="plus-square"] 100% Focus on the Datacenter
  • Extensive hands-on experience with datacenter and IT infrastructure design and implementation
  • Strategic partnerships with: Dell EMC, Cisco, IBM and Oracle/STK and others
  • Mainframe Tape & Storage knowledgebase
[fa icon="plus-square"] Deep Technical Skills
  • Over 830+ technical certifications
  • Pre and post sales engineering staff each with on average 15 years of hands-on data center experience
  • Over 200+ Combined Years with our Partners in the Mainframe Space
[fa icon="plus-square"] Full Portfolio of IT Lifecycle Services
  • Professional Services from assessments to ongoing management, with tightly integrated project teams
  • Certified Project Managers and asset management tools
[fa icon="plus-square"] High-touch Customer Support Model
  • National coverage of pre- and post-sale teams, with five high-touch branch offices
  • Integrated teams of technical, inside and field sales, support and professional services

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