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Robotic process automation (RPA) is a digital enablement technology that predominantly leverages a combination of user interface (UI) and surface-level features to create scripts that automate routine, predictable data transcription work. These essential tools link applications, eliminating keying errors, speeding up processes, and cutting costs.

RPA & Digital Transformation

Just as mainframe powered data centers, the GUI powered software, internet and computers powered global businesses, and mobile devices powered a new generation of the gig economy. RPA is powering today’s digital transformation and the future of work.

Automation Across Modern & Legacy Enterprise Systems

One of the most compelling aspects is the value in leveraging RPA alongside other complementary automation technologies. For example, an enterprise content management platform with embedded RPA can provide an elegant link to integrate and automate interactions among systems—without the need for costly or arduous integration. As such, it’s been heralded for its ability to simplify the liberation and activation of documents or content from legacy systems—often one of the greatest barriers to digital transformation.

How RPA Provides Relief From These Challenges

  • Accelerate benefits from digital transformation
  • Improve customer experience & employee satisfaction
  • Boost legacy integration
  • Organized process data and documentation
  • Enable data driven decision and path to cognitive technology
  • Reduce Compliance Cost & Risk

Additional Key Benefits

Unlike traditional screen scraping, RPA tools typically interact with the metadata that drive modern applications at the UI level. Which carries a wide range of scope that helps organizations boost operational efficiency and unlock the data and value associated with their historical technology investments, including:

  • Better Customer Experience
  • Maximizes Operational Efficiency
  • Enhanced Productivity
  • Rapid Deployment & ROI (Compared to Traditional Technologies)
  • Minimize Error Incidents and Bottlenecks
  • Maximize Accuracy and Speed
  • Digital Workforce (24/7 Productivity)
  • Improved Employee Satisfaction
  • Data Gathering to Enable AI & Cognitive Platforms
  • Legacy Application Integration
  • Unstructured Data Management

Our Services Across Various Industries

Robotic Process Automation (RPA) is the fastest growing enterprise software and the technology driving today's digital transformation and the future of work. At Technologent, we harvest the power of RPA to create shareholder value and free humans of the mundane and robotic work they hate, allowing them to be more strategic, analytical, creative and truly happy.
RPA - Assessment 2

RPA Assessment

Certified RPA business analysts will scope business processes and determine future impact through optimization

RPA - Optimization

Process Mining & Optimization

Use our Automation Hub and Process Mining to capture and manage automation opportunities in real time

RPA - Development and Deployment 2

RPA Development & Deployment

Technologent provides a skill mix of Business Analysts, Program Management, Solution Architects, and RPA Developers for development and deployment

RPA - Center of Excellence

RPA COE Management

RPA Center of Excellence built and managed based on your unique business needs

RPA - Managed Services & Robotic Health Check

Managed Services & Robot Health Checks

24x7 autonomic monitoring, response and incident management provides high availability and minimizes risk

RPA - Training

RPA Training

As an RPA service network & training partner, our team can help build your internal RPA expertise from the ground up

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