Technologent Thermal Vision Solutions

    Thermal Vision Solutions detect elevated body temperatures in real-time to identify high-risk individuals and create actionable outcomes for support, safety and security related to infection control. Technologent offers a number of Thermal Imaging Solutions that enable technology to support businesses, hospitals and schools staying open while keeping employees, customers, patients and students safeguarded.

    While there are many solutions being offered in the marketplace, we have evaluated and chosen the best solutions to address the immediate needs of our customers while ensuring that many of the devices can be repurposed in the future.

    Our Temperature Sensing Solutions Features Include:

    • MULTIFUNCTIONAL: Most of our solutions have multiple functions that detect certain symptoms of COVID-19 and report hazardous behaviors that may help its spread
    • PRIVACY PROTECTED: No personal information is collected and human faces can be blurred in delivered or stored data. In some cases, no internet connection is needed
    • EASY TO USE: No contact is needed, operator-free, alerts via multiple channels and trackable alert logs make it easy to use
    • EASY TO SETUP: The devices can be either installed on existing walls or tripods, or fixed onto mobile carts for ease of movement
    • ENTERPRISE READY: Systems can be deployed in an enterprise network environment and the data can be easily integrated with other systems

    Additional Features


    • Detecting people with elevated temperatures with measurement accuracy of +/- 0.3

    • Detecting people not wearing masks

    • Detecting people who are not socially distant

    Privacy Protection

    • No personal information collected

    • No personal identifiable information will be collected, distributed or stored

    • Faces blurred

    • In alert notifications, full body portraits instead of faces will be delivered to help identify persons unless requested

    • No internet connection needed

    • The device can work stand-alone without any network connection

    Highly Adaptable

    • Ability to customize target area to reduce noise

    • Automatically adjust based on ambient temperature conditions

    Easy to Use

    • No contact

    • Remotely check & count Simple user interface and operator-free dashboard

    • Alert notifications via multiple channels

    • Dashboard

    • Visual & audio alert device

    • Messages by API

    • Alert logs and historical archives for further tracking

    Count Inflow and Outflow

    • Provide indicators to calculate how many people are in an enclosed area

    • Can be used to assist in controlling access to certain places

    • Can handle traffic up to 500 people per minute

    Additional AI Modules can be Enabled for:

    • Facial Demographics

    • Facial Recognition

    • Objects entering alert zones

    • External Relay Automation such as integration with Access Control systems

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