Technologent Partner - Symantec Corporation

    Symantec Partner Services

    Technologent has been an experienced Symantec Partner for over 7 years.

    In 2011, Technologent was awarded Platinum partner status with Symantec Specializations that included High Availability, Archiving and eDiscovery, Data Protection and Storage Management.

    Today, we've grown our partnership to include Symantec in a number of IT solutions we deliver to mid-market and enterprise organizations around the globe. In every instance, we've produced lasting security, data and operational results that can only come with a company as experienced as ours with Symantec's portfolio of technology solutions.

    About Symantec

    With innovative technology solutions and services, Symantec helps individuals and enterprises protect and manage their digital assets.

    Symantec provides a wide range of solutions including enterprise and consumer security, data management, application and infrastructure management, security management, storage and service management, and response and managed security services.

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