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Accelerate IT Modernization in the Entertainment, Gaming & Hospitality Industry

Technologent is the Premier Edge-to-Edge IT Services company that delivers agile solutions for accelerating business modernization. We aim to be the Entertainment, Gaming and Hospitality (EGH) vertical’s most trusted channel partner and advisor of innovation, while delivering the highest quality technology-based services in the most cost-effective manner.

Technologent has the expertise required to assist customers in responding to the ongoing disruption occurring within this growing sector. This is especially true for the tribal market, as our team is able to address the wide range of challenges facing native tribes today, including:

  • Establishing smart cities, smart grids, sustainability efforts and IoT within tribal communities
  • Installing and implementing networks, data centers and Wi-Fi within tribal organizations
  • Optimizing points of sale for tribal businesses
  • Upgrading tribal stadiums, hotels, casinos to the latest IT standards
  • Supporting tribal health & human services
  • Connecting tribal cultural centers, communal centers and event centers

Along with these specializations, Technologent is fully attuned to and respectful of the unique heritage of each specific tribe and/or sovereign nation we work with. Whether it is our expertise in cyber defense or our ability to navigate continually changing regulatory requirements, we believe that the customer is always first and will always work steadfast to exceed their expectations.

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Technologent Architecture Method (TeAM)

TeAM-graphic-1-1Digital Business Disruption, which is the use of digital technologies and business models to drive organizational change, is rapidly transforming established business models and breaking down barriers across the Entertainment, Gaming and Hospitality industry.

The Technologent Architecture Method (TeAM) offers a fast, simple and practical method to create success in today’s world of business disruption. TeAM expedites delivery of real insights to help guide you with informed, outcome-based decisions as you embark on your transformational journey. Executable recommendations will provide balance between immediate impact and long-term, value-driven technology investment strategy.

Digital Business Disruption will also require industry business rules, business processes and policies to shift from assumptions that delivered past success and reconsider how value is captured, created and delivered through technology investment. New business competencies will be required to ensure your organization becomes more agile, collaborative, innovative and focused upon guest experience.

Business Capabilities represent the core of TeAM and provide the building blocks that consist of the People, Processes, Tools, Knowledge and Culture. TeAM is designed to ensure that your business avoids the problematic pitfalls of change including complex industry influences, increased and unpredictable competitive pressures, and the unstoppable and accelerating pace of technological advance.

TeAM utilizes agile business modeling to underpin mutual and comprehensive understanding of your business priorities, challenges and desired business outcomes. Through TeAM, we build an Architecture Roadmap that improves your ability to recognize and react to current and future disruption. TeAM ensures optimal technology investments that provide sustainable value visible within your business.