Technologent Partner - Microsoft

    A 2020 TribalValue Partner

    As a proud TribalValue Partner, Technologent is committed to connecting Native American organizations, enterprises and even tribal members to suppliers that can provide unique value to them. For any supplier of goods or services, working on your own with individual tribes can be complicated and expensive. With our database of key contacts at tribes we will promote, communicate, and deliver timely and targeted updates and information about the products or services available.

    About TribalValue

    TribalValue is the partners and solutions division of TribalHub. TribalValue connects Tribes with better solutions at a better cost. We leverage the purchasing power of all tribes together to drive down cost and/or to create entirely new offerings specific to Native American organizations and enterprises. We focus on partners that will provide something unique to the entire tribal industry and that understand the tribal environment. New partners and offerings being added all year long.

    Questions about our TribalValue and TribalHub IT solutions?