A Weka Partner

Weka exists to solve the big storage problems for our customers, which we believe requires a totally new approach to manage the scale and performance of emerging applications. Organizations and enterprises that utilize legacy storage systems that are not optimized for today’s accelerated datacenters will be hindered in their ability to extract value from their data. We are committed to helping our customers maximize the investment in high-powered IT infrastructure, such as GPU and FPGA-enabled servers, so they can innovate faster and solve previously unsolvable problems.

Weka has built the world's fastest shared file system, WekaFS™,  for AI, machine learning and technical computing workloads. The solution accelerates data to technical compute and applications so that data scientists, researchers and engineers get to the answer faster. And it saves tremendous cost by ensuring expensive CPU and GPU infrastructure is not not idling waiting for data. WekaFS software runs on standard server infrastructure, on premises or in the cloud, and can be deployed as a dedicated appliance or hyperconverged in the application servers.

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