Vendor Travel and Expense Policy


This Policy outlines the standards for reimbursement of travel and business-related expenses incurred by Vendor, Supplier, Consultant or Contractor (each referred to herein as “Vendor”) and its Resources working under the Technologent Professional Services Organization. This Policy may change without advance notice.


When booking travel, please note that travel requests can only be accommodated for Company business-related travel. Company’s policies and procedures do not support travel with a personal (non-business related) component.

  • Check with your PM to confirm if the Customer has an Expense Policy to adhere to.
  • Please follow the expense guidelines below as well as the Customer Expense Policy if applicable.


Air Travel

  • All travel must be booked at least two (2) weeks in advance with estimated travel costs submitted to the Project PM or employee’s manager for approval before booking travel.
  • Lowest Logical Fare (LLF) must be selected when booking flights whenever possible.
  • All travelers will fly Economy and fares will be booked at the lowest logical cost.
  • A more expensive fare may be used only when justified by schedule requirements or other compelling business needs with the proper approvals.
  • Employee travel is to be booked through the Technologent on-line booking tool referencing the Project Number and Sales Order. Vendor travel may be booked through their chosen tool.
  • Rental Car
    • Ride share alternatives are to be the main source of transportation unless a rental car option is less expensive. Company’s preferred ride share provider is Uber.
    • Travelers need to carry a valid driver’s license, credit card, and proof of Insurance.
    • Travelers will not be reimbursed for car rental or additional insurance coverage unless authorized by the Project Customer.
    • The standard car rental size used by the company is economy or compact unless authorization for a larger size is needed. Travelers are required to fill the gas tank before returning the car.
  • Non-Reimbursable:
    • Rental company ‘fuel fill-up fees’ when a car is returned with less than a full tank.
    • Upgrade to higher-cost class of vehicle.


  • Consultants who use their personal automobile for business will be reimbursed based on the prevailing published IRS rate to cover normal operating costs (such as fuel, oil and insurance) and wear and tear (depreciation). This reimbursement does not apply to car rentals.
  • When submitting an Expense Report for mileage reimbursement, please provide a copy of a Mileage Log or request a copy of Technologent’s Mileage Log.
  • Mileage should be fully documented as to date, starting location, ending location, persons visited, the business purpose, and the business miles.
  • All Consultants should keep a Mileage Log for their own records in the event that they get audited by a federal or state taxing authority.
  • Technologent will not pay for undocumented miles.
  • Consultants using their personal automobiles on company business need to meet the minimum insurance requirements as determined by their applicable state regulations.


  • Hotel arrangements will be made at the time of booking air travel.
  • At check-in, travelers will need to provide a photo ID and a credit card for incidentals.
  • Travelers to destinations will check to see if there is a preferred partner property.
  • Lodging receipt must be in the form of an itemized hotel folio with daily charges for rooms, meals, parking, etc. Agency booking summary only showing dates of stay and total paid are not accepted.
  • In order to avoid no-show charges, it is the responsibility of the Traveler to cancel hotel reservations and obtain a cancellation number as soon as it is known that rooms are not needed.
    Meals / F&B (Food & Beverage)
  • Technologent will reimburse for the actual costs of meals purchased while on company business. While some cities may be more expensive, employees should strive to keep within the following guidelines:
    • Up to $25 Breakfast (tip included)
    • Up to $40 Lunch (tip included)
    • Up to $50 Dinner (tip included)
  • At no time will alcohol be reimbursed.
  • All receipts must be itemized. Credit card receipts only showing the transaction total will not be accepted.
  • If receipt is for meals for more than one resource, name of other resources must be specified on the receipt.
  • All receipts must be legible and include the date, time, and name of establishment.

Other Travel-Related Expenses -- ‘Reasonable and Customary’

  • Parking and tolls are reimbursable for both rental and personal cars. Travelers are to park in reasonably economical lots. Short-term parking should not be used for trips exceeding 24 hours.
  • Gasoline costs are reimbursable for rental cars. All receipts should indicate the date and amount paid.
  • Ground transportation will be reimbursed for actual cost; receipts must be submitted.
  • Airport parking will be reimbursed at the “Long-Term Parking” rate.
  • Tips are to be listed on an expense report on a per-day and a per-type basis.
    Note: Receipts are required for all reimbursable charges, regardless of dollar amount. All copies of receipts for reimbursable expenses must be provided to the Vendor’s main contact at Company. All expenses need detailed receipts showing what was purchased, or they will not be reimbursed.
  • Non-Reimbursable Expenses:
    • In-room or in-flight movies.
    • Wi-Fi.
    • Priority boarding passes.
    • Alcoholic beverages.
    • Cigarettes / electronic cigarettes.
    • Laundry / dry cleaning, unless trip is greater than five days.
    • Airline, hotel, or rental car upgrades.
    • Entertainment.
    • Telephone charges.
    • Any charges incurred for personal or non-Company travel.