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Consolidated & Simplified

Carrier Services are more complex than ever offering everything from bandwidth and voice, to back up, and all things “cloud”. It helps identify best of breed products with qualifying criteria like region, technology, application, and cost.

Better yet - double down on savings and value with Technologent TEM Services! During and after the initial optimization, we offer a fully managed TEM service option.

Say Goodbye To...

  • Reverse Engineering
  • Siloed Solutions
  • Brand Bias & Misinformation
  • Inventory hassles
  • Billing headaches
  • Hours dealing with carriers

Telecom Expense Management (TEM)

Unnecessary telecom expenses, bill errors and overpurchased services have a sizeable impact on the bottom line of virtually every company. Leading independent research firms consistently identify telecom as among the most challenging categories for finance and IT teams to manage, often leading to massive overspending. Our audit and optimization services remedy that and use a contingency based cost model that does not require any budget, which makes this a self funding project.

Complete Carrier Coverage

Data Center & Colocation

Data Center & Colocation

Unleash the full potential of your technology with a top-notch colocation provider. With our state-of-the-art facilities and unparalleled expertise, we take care of the data center building, cooling, power, bandwidth, redundancy, and physical security, so you can focus on driving your business forward.

Network & Voice

Network & Voice

Today, every company is in the business of data. The integrity, speed and capacity of your network should never be in question. Resilient connectivity and voice networks are critical, and our team can ensure that you have the right foundation for digital transformation.

Contact Center

Contact Center

Call Center has evolved— with unprecedented levels of support, intelligence and engagement. Live chat and chat bots. Analysis. CRM integration. Whole system integration with call routing, recording and outboard dialing. Contact is king and we have the team to give you the crown.​

UC Collaboration 2

UC & Collaboration

While the flexibility of a remote workplace is applauded, a failed deployment is costly. Not all Cloud Voice is the same and not every customer has the same needs. Our experts understand the finer points of the architecture and the integration ecosystem so you can be sure to have the right tool set to drive your business forward.

Mobility IOT

Mobility & IoT & AI

The expansion of mobility bandwidth, integration of smart devices (Internet of Things, IoT), Artificial Intelligence (AI), and Machine Learning(ML) can transform your organizations approach to business. You need a team with cross platform expertise to help you understand how to integrate these technologies to deliver business outcomes. ​


SD-WAN & Secure Access Service Edge

Software Defined and built for security, SDWAN and SASE are critical to ensure that your data moves securely and efficiently across your networks. With dozens of hardware and software vendors touting their supremacy, our team has expertise across all the various platforms to ensure that your specific outcomes are delivered. ​

Q: What if I don’t need a telecom expense audit?

A: Telecom Expense Management (TEM) is likely a low priority for you and your IT team, however, 80% of telecom invoices have billing errors and companies typically overspend by 20%. We fix
that for you.

Q: What if my finance and IT staff don’t have time for another project?

A: We get it. With everything on their plate, it’s difficult to make telecom optimization a priority. But that’s where we can help. We have the resources to manage the project without disrupting your workflow and make the process painless.

Q: When will we see our savings?

A: We have effectively analyzed and processed billions of dollars in telecom expenses for clients. We often realize savings in less than three months and fully recoup overcharges from service providers in less than a year.

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