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Access cutting-edge services imperative to modern databases that include security, automation, performance tuning, license assessment and more.

Build a Baseline for Your Database

Utilize Technologent’s wide array of database solutions and services, which are designed with modern administrators in mind. Simplify your most common and time-consuming tasks, such as provisioning and patching, and allow yourself to focus on more critical priorities regarding your data.

Gain valuable and in-the-moment insight on software licensing, maintenance, patching status, as well as in-depth reporting of the host platforms used in your environment.

Enable your team to batch deploy, patch, manage and analyze all your databases. Together with Technologent's next-level support, you'll be able to control your data with confidence.

The Power of Your Data:

  • Identify and mitigate performance, security and management challenges pertaining to your databases
  • Setup proactive monitoring around your databases and prevent potential outages
  • Perform periodic HA/HD tests to eliminate any system gaps and vulnerabilities
  • Execute complete DB control, evaluate patch releases and schedule applications in real-time
  • Experience expert guidance around DB enhancements, configuration, migration and overall optimization

Our Database Solution & Service Landscape

Technologent has developed a six-prong framework for helping organizations develop a data management strategy.
Technologent Data Lake

Dive into Your Data Lake

Technologent’s serverless platforms allow you to store vast amounts of structured and unstructured data from any source. With the ability to rapidly write and run new programs, you can run a diverse range of analytics at low cost.

Technologent Data Warehouse

Develop Your Data Warehouse

Technologent's data warehousing solution is an increasingly important business intelligence tool, allowing organizations to improve customer experiences, drive new revenue streams and handle large volumes of data effectively.
Technologent Data Modeling

Master Your Data Modeling

Data modeling is precisely defined as a procedure of generating a data model for your organization’s database. Together, Technologent aims to improve and innovative upon these major database elements for you: the different data objects, the relationship between various data objects, and the rules associated.

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