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Managing Complexity for Peak Performance

The cloud offers undeniable benefits and options, allowing organizations to reduce IT complexity while increasing scalability, agility and flexibility. However, a hands-off approach to management can result in wasted resources and unexpected costs.

A key component of any hybrid strategy is a flexible policy for determining where to place workloads. The important thing is to establish criteria that define when one or the other is better for a particular workload. Factors such as cost, security, availability, regulatory compliance and performance will come into play.

Skill sets, processes and culture should also be considered as the adoption of cloud platforms, and will often require improvements to IT operations. Overall, this strategy should focus on implementing best practices and updated approaches to managing the environment.

The Highlights of Hybrid:

  • Assess and define your depth of goals, including: Increasing visibility, containing costs, eliminating data silos, scaling IT resources and protecting legacy systems
  • Strategize migration and management: Analyze every application across multiple characteristics, including cloud objectives, technical feasibility and risk
  • Minimize risk: Utilize a unified backup and recovery solution for both on-prem and cloud environments that features built-in deduplication, snapshots and replication features
  • Technologent's trusted technique: We have proven expertise in the architecture, design and implementation of public cloud solutions backed by years of experience in industry-leading data center technologies

Our Modern Cloud Hybrid Infrastructure Network

From Build to Optimize

Networking & Connectivity

Identify Stale Data/Data Type
Storage Tiering
Data Tiering
Data Migration
Technologent Data Classification

Virtualization & Containers

Sensitive Data Identification
Risk Management
Legal Discovery and Compliance
Value and Sensitivity
Technologent Data Protection-1

Data Protection

Data Sharing
Sensitive Data Protection
Data Storage

Data Storage

Data Tiering
Long term Retention
Technologent Data Security


Sarbanes Oxley
Data Analytics


Data Confidentiality, Availability and Integrity

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