Financial Services IT Solutions

Financial IT Solutions: Your Hedge Against a Changing Market

The financial services industry continues to grapple with market disruption and increasing regulatory scrutiny. At the same time, financial services firms must look beyond traditional product and service offerings in order to meet dramatically changing customer demands.

In short, we act as your ultimate hedge against a changing marketing - helping you address these challenges with flexible, scalable and secure technology solutions.


Financial Services IT Solutions

Data Center Optimization.
Financial services firms need an agile IT environment that can respond to the accelerating pace of change in the industry. However, many organizations struggle with legacy IT infrastructures that have evolved over time. Through its assessment and consulting services, Technologent provides sound recommendations for technology upgrades and new investments. Technologent’s engineers can then help financial services firms design and implement data center solutions supported by advanced automation, orchestration and monitoring tools.

In financial services, security must play a central role in any IT initiative. A data breach exacts an enormous cost in terms of lost revenue, brand value and consumer trust. Technologent helps financial services firms evaluate cyber threats, implement security tools, and manage and classify data to ensure privacy and meet regulatory compliance requirements.

Business Continuity.
Recent disasters and high-profile data breaches have underscored the importance of effective disaster response in financial services. Technologent helps firms develop a business continuity strategy that emphasizes resilience in the face of technical disruptions as well as rapid recovery and restoration of operations after a catastrophic event.

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