Technologent Partner - Simplivity IT Hyperconvergence

About SimpliVity

SimpliVity was aquired by HPE on February 17, 2017.  The acquisition brings together HPE’s best-in-class infrastructure, automation and cloud management software with SimpliVity’s industry-leading software-defined data management platform.

By assimilating eight to 12 core data center functions, including the hypervisor, compute, storage, network switching, backup, replication, cloud gateway, caching, WAN optimization, real-time deduplication and more, SimpliVity’s Data Virtualization Platform delivered on hyperconverged infrastructure delivers a 3x reduction in TCO.

It’s also differentiated by global unified management, integrated backup and replication, and unparalleled efficiency via deduplication, compression and optimization of data before it hits disk to save IOPS and capacity on primary storage and throughout the workload’s lifecycle.

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